Ideas For Creating Movie-Based Bobbleheads For Your Personal Collection

Do you love watching movies? Would you like to collect the custom figurines of your favorite characters? You can do it easily by creating the personalized bobbleheads of your favorite movie characters. Whether it is superhero movies or comedy movies, you might want to place your most favorite characters on your desk in the form of custom bobbleheads.

However, the problem is that not all movie production companies will release the official merchandise for their box office movies. Certainly, not all of their merchandises will be available in the form of bobbleheads. So, your only chance to grow your movie-based bobblehead collection is by ordering the custom figurine by yourself. Here are some ideas for creating movie-based bobbleheads for your personal collection:

  1. Choose Only The Best Characters From Each Movie Or Franchise

No matter what movie or movie franchise that you like, it would be better to pick and choose the personalized bobbleheads that you want to make. The good idea is to choose only the best characters for each movie or franchise. Remember that it will be completely based on your personal preferences.

It doesn’t need to be the main characters. If you love the secondary character in that movie, or if you like the villain, you can create that character as a representation of that movie. Because you want to collect many characters from many movies, choosing only the best characters for each movie will keep your collection within budget.

  1. Capture The Best Action Or Moment For The Character

It is always better to pick the best style from the characters that you choose. Rather than creating custom bobbleheads with the regular standing pose, you can create the bobbleheads with the signature pose of your characters. Whether it is when they are attacking the enemy, using their weapons, or giving special gestures, you need to capture the best action from them.

You can easily do this by taking screenshots of the character in action and submit it to the bobblehead supplier like This way, the supplier will make the bobblehead based on the pose or gesture of the character that you have submitted to them.

  1. Include The Movie Logo On The Bobblehead Stand

Don’t forget to include the movie logo on the bobblehead stand. This is to ensure that you know which movie the custom bobbleheads are based on. Once your collection is growing, you might not be able to keep track of each bobblehead that you have made. So, including the movie logo on the bobblehead stand will make it easier to organize your collection later.

Moreover, the movie logo will serve as a kind of branding that you will have for your personalized bobblehead dolls.


You don’t need to wait for an official merchandise to be released if you want to start collecting the bobbleheads of your favorite movie characters. You just need to take a screenshot of your favorite characters and order the custom figurines based on them to a good bobblehead supplier. is one of the best suppliers that you can use to order custom figurines of various types. Whether it is your favorite movie characters or your own custom figurines, this service can provide t

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