Star Trek Action Figures

To boldly go where no action figure has gone before!

I just got my Mego Starship Enterprise Bridge set today. This set made by Mego came out around 1974 as far as I know. I’m not sure what was originally included but most of the furnishings appear to be in it although there are no chairs for Spock or Uhura. I’ve seen some on eBay so will try to get those later. The crew are all there and they are in wonderful condition.I know they did not include Sulu or Chekov in this set as they were brought out later however I will endeavour to research this properly and get back with more information later. I only unpacked this half an hour ago and I thought it more fun to play with them a bit. I took a few photos for show and tell and here they are. Sorry about these being a bit blurry. I will take some better ones later. I am getting used to a new camera.

“We come in peace”
“Uhura! Behind you!”
Scotty to the rescue
“Now I will take over this ship”
Are Spock and McCoy at it again?
Gentlemen Gentlemen!
“It’s worse than that, he’s out cold”

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